When All Seems Lost

Sometimes life will throw a curve ball and sometimes a few more immediately after that, this can make a person feel beat and make them feel like they have no more fight left to give. But after taking some time to regroup and come up with a fresh plan of action to either get back what was lost or a plan of how to move forward from the loss, this will help ease life back onto its path or onto a new one.

In the movie Avengers: End Game (released in theaters today), Tony Stark and other Avengers who survived Thanos decimation of many planets were feeling beat and like all was lost because of everyone who was taken away from them by Thanos. The remaining avengers will have to find out a way to bring back their allies in order to take down Thanos.

Watch the trailer to see action packed scenes from the new 2019 movie, Avengers: End Game! Click on the link below:


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