Thanksgiving Tradition

What’s your favorite brand of turkey for the big Thanksgiving celebration? Some people swear by the Butterball turkey, others could care less. Better yet, what’s your favorite way to cook a turkey? Here are a few options:

• Oven-Roasted Turkey
• Brine the Turkey
• Crockpot Turkey
• Smoked Turkey
• And best yet…Deep Fried Turkey

If you’re looking for a full listing of ways to cook your turkey visit:

Does your family have any traditions they keep when it comes to Thanksgiving Day? For example, some people hold true to an early dinner followed by their afternoon nap, or other families like to watch a football game after the dinner ceremony is finished. Other families like to visit with a charitable organization to help serve dinners to the homeless. Traditions keep the holidays special for families and friends of all shapes and sizes! If you have a unique tradition share it with us. Maybe you will help someone else start a new tradition of their own.


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