Summer Camp

Summer Camp. A time where at some point you wonder why your parents would take you away from your friends and the summer fun of home. It became a tradition and you always left with the best memories. Some stories of summer camp are greatly exaggerated and others are sworn to secrecy between the members to which they occurred. Hollywood has provided us with some great tales of summer camp disasters and happily ever afters.

Some of summer camp favorites include:

The Parent Trap (1998) A family favorite of two twins separated at birth and each raised by one of the biological parents. They begin as utter rivals, but when both are banished away from camp due to their shenanigans they form a bond. They learn they are twins and decide to swap and meet the other parent. The stars include Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid, and Natasha Richardson who find a way to make you laugh.

Camp Rock (2008) A popular Disney favorite taking place at a music camp. Mitchie (Demi Lovato) can only afford the camp by working in the kitchen with her mother. She covers things up to try and fit in and put her in a sticky situation with her love interest Shane Gray (Joe Jonas) who happens to be a pop star. The camp reveals who people really are with a little singing and dancing mixed in.

The Baby -Sitters Club (1995)The movie showcases a closer to home camp. When seven girls in junior high organize a daycare camp for children, family problems, budding romance, and some scheming kids work to tear it apart. The movie based on the bestselling children’s books display the true power of friendship.

Whether it be nearby, far away, or somewhere in between summer camp is always a place to discover new places, meet new people, and have the time of your life. We recommend that you apply enough sunscreen and don’t forget your bug spray. Have a blast and if you can’t go and enjoy summer camp for yourself then maybe check out a movie about one.

Does what happens at summer camp stay at summer camp?


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