Emergency Procedure in Place

As in all festivals and events where large groups of attendees are gathered, event managers, promoters, theaters and sporting arenas have always had an Emergency Action plan in place. In case of severe weather, disturbances that would include fighting, drinking or smoking, health related emergencies, or utility outages all are examples of what these Emergency Action plans were designed for.

With the ever changing world that we now live in, these same managers are facing the forethought of not only how to handle normal what ifs, but creating solutions or plans for far greater emergencies. The public massacres that we are facing today is on the minds of all, as we go to a music event, to the movies, or even sending our children out the door to school. While event planners and public safety officials’ work together to create a safe environment for us. What can we do to help?

What can we do? Be aware of your surroundings, pay attention to the help material that the festival and/or event is providing be it maps of the event or even better Event Aps. Some of these Aps have the ability to utilize push messaging incase of emergencies. If something seems off, report it. After reading over many sites about this subject, have a plan, an escape route, know where the exits are and how you might gain access if someone threating is between you and that exit. Practice situational awareness. Absorb everything in a new setting that seems normal, the lights, sounds, smells etc. Experts say it is easier to identify not normal when you have a baseline to work from.

It breaks my heart that students have to protest for their rights for a secure environment to learn in. What was once normal is not where we live now. We need to establish the new normal and embrace the impact it will have on our lives. Festivals, events and businesses that revolve around public attendance will do their due diligence to keep us safe. Let’s be active in the pursuit with them. Accept the new normal and stay safe.

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