The Review Is In!

In a time where the internet and social media play a prominent role in our everyday lives, how much power do reviews by people on popular tools like Yelp, Google + or cinema review companies like Rotten Tomatoes influence your decision making.

Reviews by critics have always been an interesting subject. What one may feel is wonderful, beneficial and entertaining, may be a complete bore, un-relative or a complete waste of time for someone else. From film, food, fashion, and art, professional critics have been around for years. Add in the internet and now everyone has a voice and could be called a critic.

Paddington 2 just received 100% Tomatometer Score. Not one of the 152 critics polled gave a negative review. A feat that only 3 other films have accomplished they are Things to ComeMan on Wire and Toy Story 2. Making this, one film that will satisfy the whole family. Kids will eat it up and parents will be pleasantly entertained. A value in today’s society that did not come without careful crafting and consideration.

Will you take a trip out to see Paddington 2 based on Rotten Tomatoes rave reviews, or compare it against other cinematic sites first? Will the venue where you choose to see the film be based on someone’s review of the theater you are considering?

Reputations are at stake and making changes to create what that customer values are the catalyst for everything inside business. Reviews impact everyone. How much stock do you place on reviews for your next move?

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