The Impact of Pop Culture and Film!

The industry lost an icon in the Pop Culture film industry last week. Warren Miller passed at the age of 93, at his home in Orcas Island, Washington. Miller’s Boulder based entertainment company had long since been sold, but his impact on Colorado and the ski industry is one that will leave a thriving legacy forever. Miller wrote and narrated 57 feature length ski films, impacting countless young lives of outdoor enthusiasts and future film makers.

Many Pop Culture films have highly impacted our everyday lives. One young journalist writes about how 10 films in the last decade have started movements all over the United States and world. Whether the films bring attention to political issues, global warming, coming of age, bullying/cyber bullying, spot lighting historical events, these topics far outreach what this blog can bring to paper. The movements that followed have since changed lives.

The point being that cinema and good storying telling, move people to act and react. What moves you to jump in, take up arms for or against any given cause? What next great artist will move you to want to climb MT. Everest because you can, or spend your vacation volunteering in a disaster area, or travel to the remote ends of the earth to see the migration of some rare creature?

The outdoor industry lost a great pioneer, the film makers of the world lost a great friend and story teller. Warren Miller loved to share his adventures and inspired others to challenge themselves and enjoy life. What a great role model for generations to come. What film has lead you down a path or changed the course of your life, because of a great story teller?

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