It’s Olympic Time

February 9th Opening Ceremonies for the 2018 PyeongChang, South Korea will air at 6 pm MT on NBC, or live at 4am!! How motivated are you? Here are your viewing options:

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The Olympic flag waves as a symbol of the unity of Continents and all nation’s colors are represented by the 5 rings of color. Two weeks of pride that unites nations like no other, and lends itself to world community. While in the throes of competition, new friendships are formed and alliances made. We cheer victories, marvel at the dedication to performance and excellence and watch as the stories unfold. It is a time where all nation’s flags are honored and the persevering talent is congratulated and rewarded.

Every 2-4 years we see the world come together with Olympic Dreams, be it summer or winter sport. These athletes inspire us to move, and challenge us to think beyond our daily routines to a much larger goal. Travel to new lands, exposure to other cultures could be the spark that draws you to watch the destinations of the Olympics. Watching the world come together for friendly competition shows such examples of what can be.

Films too have the ability to inspire. Challenging us to move towards a goal greater than any we might have originally had for ourselves. Films show cultures and life styles, faraway lands, and stories of triumph. We look forward to the films that 2018 will bring us.

Enjoy the Olympics and the spirit of the games. Comment below on what inspires you, what film or athlete has made you want to set a new goal for yourself. You might inspire someone else to do the same.

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