National Read A Book Day

For as long as books and movies have been popular there has been a debate on which is better books and movies? After all many of our most popular cinema was inspired by a book. In honor of National Read a Book day we will look at both sides of the argument.

Books are nice in that you can read them at your own pace and are easy to travel with you. You also get to come up with your own depiction of characters and setting based on the words written on the page. Although you can have a book club and discuss it afterward you cannot go and easily read a book with someone.

Movies on the other hand, are a community past time. Easily enjoyed with family and friends. Movies often take a short chunk of your day versus a longer period of time when you are reading. You get to see characters and setting come a live before your eyes.

In the end, both movies and books are an essential part of our entertainment world. Each option allows for a unique experience based on what suits your interests best. Obviously, we love movies, but especially today we encourage you take time to go read a book!


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