a dog's journey movie poster with a dog looking up at camera with pink shoes and pants

Life’s Purpose

Often times we sit and wonder what our purpose is in life. What big thing was I put on earth to do? Is it to help others, teach others, create or invent something new? In this blogger’s opinion, one of many important and life touching things a person can be put on this earth to do is to practice and teach compassion. Living every day and interacting with others through compassion will bring people together and help create closeness. Compassion could change the world we live in; if it starts at home, our children will take that out into the world and have an impact on others around them like their peers and teachers. Living life with your heart instead of your brain can influence others around us in positive ways.

In the movie, A Dog’s Journey, the dog Bailey, finds his new purpose of life; his bond with the people he loves. He finds himself in an unfamiliar place, with a new reason to live, and new obstacles.

Click on the link below to watch the trailer and see the heartwarming, tear jerking scenes from the new 2019 movie, A Dog’s Journey. Released in theaters today!



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