Last Days of Summer

Ah, the summer is winding down and school has started back up for most in the Greater Denver Metro area. The pools and parks are quieter, the theaters less busy during the daytime hours. Days are getting shorter and fall is just around the corner. In Colorado, we are able to enjoy all four seasons. Some come quicker than others or stay longer than anticipated. If you want to hold on to summer a bit longer you’re in luck, summer officially ends September 23.

What was on that bucket list that you didn’t get to? The Denver Zoo, Butterflies at Chatfield Farms, visit your favorite mountain town, hike, bike, or take in a baseball game. Many late summer movie releases are still coming your way.

In the movie Angry Birds 2 coming out this Friday, August 16, both Pigs and Birds join the same team fighting to save their island paradise. One island is the land of sun, the other a frigid ice formation, whose inhabitants are plotting to destroy their way of life. Putting differences aside, the two species find the best of the best to plan and execute their attack.

Angry Birds 2, just enough silly to make it work for another fun family outing! Enjoy the movie trailer below while you decide what is still on your summer to do list!


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