Keeping the Spirits High

It is that time of year; where pumpkin patches and all things scary has passed and you move on to giving thanks and to all things winter. With this time comes the annual debate, when it is acceptable to start listening to Christmas music? Some say November 1, while others say you have to wait until after Thanksgiving. The Hallmark Channel is on its own holiday schedule having their first Christmas movies airing in October, even before Halloween. No matter when you chose to start your holiday celebrations, I think we have some movies that are perfect for this time of year.

Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)- With Halloween just passing, the shenanigans of Jack Skellington planning of kidnapping Santa and taking over Christmas is a great fit for this transitional time of year.

Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)- Between two Thanksgivings two years apart, Hannah’s husband falls in love with her sister Lee, while her hypochondriac ex-husband rekindles his relationship with her sister Holly. Although we all have great stories of family Thanksgiving, I think this one defiantly takes all the marbles as the worst nightmare.

Serendipity (2001)- Not quite a holiday romance but enough to get you in the spirit. This love story reveals two who find love while Christmas shopping; but they are not sure if it is meant to be, agree to test fate, and see if destiny will bring them back together. After many years they are each engaged to get married to someone else, give fate a chance to find their true soulmate once again.

If you are already locked into the Hallmark countdown for Christmas, we hope you can enjoy one of the movies listed above. Whenever you chose to begin celebrating the holidays, we encourage to keep your focus on being thankful and cherishing the ones you love.


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