Favorite Fall Activities

What’s your favorite season? With the fall season coming up, a lot of people are looking forward to cozy sweaters and hot chocolate! The leaves are starting to change colors and kids can look forward to rolling in bunches of raked leaves and trick or treating season approaching. The dog even looks forward to a walk outside without over-heating! It’s a beautiful season to get outdoors, go for a brisk walk and enjoy time sitting by the fire with your loved ones. What are your favorite fall activities? Here are a few examples of activities you might explore this fall:

  • Put on your warmest sweater, brew some hot chocolate and go for a walk outside
  • Bake some cut out cookies in the shape of fall leaves and decorate with fall colors
  • Boil apples, cinnamon, and cardamom to give your house a natural fall smell
  • Take the kids to a pumpkin patch and choose your pumpkin for carving
  • Explore a local apple orchard, and drink some apple cider

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