Earth Day


This year’s focus for Earth Day officially Sunday April 22, is to End Plastic Pollution by 2020. Plastic objects that we use once and discard or single use plastics are the growing critical problem. By supporting education at all levels be it school age children, to the corporate work place, change can happen and make a significate difference by changing our daily habits.

Do you recycle at home? Call today for your free recycle bin! WASTE MANAGEMENT of Colorado reports this:
In 2017, we recycled more than 174,420 tons of bottles, cans, paper and cardboard. This will save:
1.3 million Trees
759 million gallons of water
373 million kWh of electricity

At the Denver Arapahoe Disposal site we are turning landfill gas into electricity to power 2,500 Denver homes annually. And our growing CNG fleet is contributing to cleaner air and quieter streets.

While the focus is on plastic for this year through 2020, don’t forget about metals, paper/cardboard, and glass. Batteries/bulbs and electronics are recyclable too. Doing a small amount of research can uncover multiple companies that will recycle these items. For help contact your local waste management provider. Join us in keeping the Planet beautiful and alive!

As always there are great movies about world environmental changes to remind us how important our small contributions can help. Look up these great classics!
These are great movies to enjoy for all ages!!

See you at the Movies!!!

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