Create Your Outdoor Movie Theater!

With the weather cooling down, and many evenings becoming the perfect opportunity to sit outside, what could be more fun than building an outdoor tent with the kids? Even better, an outdoor backyard movie theatre! If you simply want to build an outdoor tent, you can gather most items from around the house.

Supplies for building an outdoor tent:

  • Grab some old sheets, that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty
  • Chairs, racks, or anything worthy of propping up your sheets!
  • Bug spray, if this is an issue in your backyard
  • Clothespins or rubber bands to fasten the sheets to your objects and/or tree
  • Some cozy warm blankets in case it’s extra chilly outside
  • Lantern, cell phone light, or portable light
  • Bring the family, the games, and the popcorn and enjoy an evening under the stars!

Supplies needed for building an outdoor movie theatre will more than likely require a quick trip to the hardware store. If you have a handy family member and want to tackle this weekend project, here is the list of supplies:

  • (4) ten ft long pieces of 1 1/2 inch pvc pipe
  • (2) 45% elbows (that fit 1 1/2 inch pipe)
  • (4) T fittings (that fit 1 1/2 inch pipe)
  • 8 – 10 inch spikes (found in nail section)
  • (1) full size white sheet
  • 6 pieces of 3/4 grosgrain ribbon, 18 inches long each
  • sewing machine
  • compound miter saw (or handsaw to cut pipe)

Specific directions on how to build the outdoor movie screen can be found in this how-to blog:


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