Christmas in July

Do you ever find yourself humming Christmas carols or secretly missing the snow in the middle of July? Maybe you are just tired of the heat and summer sun and could use a little Christmas in July. The popular tradition of Christmas in July is used by stores and television networks to bring in holiday-like money. Stores will advertise sales of Christmas inventory in the heart of summer. Television networks especially Hallmark will play all of your holiday favorites in a marathon fashion. Who doesn’t love feeling the holiday cheer no matter the time of year? The tradition is said to have been first celebrated at a summer camp in North Carolina that would decorate, exchange gifts, and even created fake snow. Today, some families use Christmas in July as their actual Christmas celebration because of the better weather and the easier travel to get together. We may find ourselves hugging our loved ones especially today in memory of the 6th anniversary of the Aurora Theater Shooting. When reminiscing about the tragic event, there is even more of a reason to spread the warmth and cheer that accompanies the holidays even if Christmas is still six months away. Christmas is not just about the snow, gifts, or songs, but a time where we spend times with our loved ones and let them know how much we care.

Maybe this year following your Independence Day celebrations, you will enjoy some Christmas movies as an escape from the summer heat, blast Jingle Bells while getting gorgeously tan sitting by the pool or just find another excuse to get the family together and enjoy the holiday joy and cheer on the flip side of the year.


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