Celebrating Father’s Day

Father’s Day was thought to be originated by a young woman in Spokane WA in 1909. From that point on Father’s Days has been celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June worldwide ever since, with only a few variations of dates.

Hollywood has given us many great films to celebrate this holiday with. Too many to mention, but the few classics here show dads in all stages of fatherhood.

1987 3 Men and a Baby: Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson lead the way in a slightly more abrupt introduction into fatherhood. Jack played by Ted Danson is away on business when a little baby girl is abandoned at his loft where roommates Peter and Michael assume full responsibilities for little Mary. Hearts are turned upside down by this little munchkin. A heartwarming comedy where love and compassion for Mary is all consuming.

1991 Father of the Bride: Steve Martin playing George Banks gives us the look inside a father who has come full circle with his daughter and is now preparing to give her away to the man of her dreams. George is a successful businessman, lovely wife, 2.5 kids living it up in California and now has to deal with the emotions of letting his pride and joy move on. It’s funny and emotional and a remake from the 1950’s.

2003 Daddy Daycare: Eddie Murphy steals the show playing unemployed Charlie and spends his days caring for the kids while his wife brings home the bacon. Quickly he decides to open up a daycare center and enrollment goes through the roof. With the help of 2 friends they try to keep their daycare open while the neighborhood childcare center tries to shut them down. Unconventional and fun is the formula that works for Charlie and Phil (Jeff Garlin) in this comedy.

Whether you plan to take in a movie this weekend with dad or participate in another activity of his choosing, we would like to celebrate all the dads this weekend no matter the stage of life or cycle of fatherhood you are in. Once a father, step father, father-in-law, uncle that is almost like a father, big brother that helped raise younger siblings, or you’re a mom that had to be both, however you qualify, Thanks for putting in the time. You always make a difference and it is the smallest things that will be remembered.

Happy Father’s Day!


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