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Going Above and Beyond

Exceeding someone’s expectations of you or your own when it comes to work or personal hobbies always helps build self-confidence, and pride. Your favorite childhood Disney movie, Dumbo, is being re-created and released in theaters today! Dumbo is a baby elephant that was born into the circus with oversized ears. He was constantly laughed...

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Being an underdog in some ways in life can be tough at times and frustrating but always remember that the underdog usually finds its way to the top and the people around them admire their hard work and the struggle it took them to get there as they cheer them on. In the animated...

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Loss of Life

Dealing with a loss can be very hard and sometimes impossible. Finding ways to cope with the passing of a loved one is very important. One way of coping would be through laughter, which might be hard at first, but in time can get easier. Telling a funny story about your loved one can...

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