Back to School

I know that summer goes way too fast and there are many back to school movies that you could binge watch before you head back to class. Whether you are starting school for the first time, or a seasoned veteran heading into High School or College, these are the best years of your life!!

Starting with our young ones, how about Monsters University (2013). Mike Wazowski dreamed of becoming a Scarer. Back to college he goes in the pursuit of his dreams. If you like Pixar animation this one is worth the Red Box run.

For our Elementary age kids maybe School of Rock (2003) is more your speed. After posing as a substitute music teacher Dewey Finn (Jack Black) teaches some elite private elementary school students to unleash their inner rock ‘n roll animals. If not your thing, there is this little series called Harry Potter…

Then comes High School and College, oh so many movies to choose from. The Breakfast Club, Mean Girls, Footloose, Legally Blonde, For Love or Basketball. The list goes on and on in all categories.

While most can’t wait for school to get out of school come May, you are usually just as excited about heading back in August. Who will be in my class, I got Mr. Snyder for English Lit. What time is practice? What are you doing after school? Want to watch a movie?

Maybe the list above brings back memories of your time in school. Remember to take time and hang out with friends and family. Enjoy your end of summer festivities whatever they may be.

These are the best days of your lives.


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