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Emergency Procedure in Place

As in all festivals and events where large groups of attendees are gathered, event managers, promoters, theaters and sporting arenas have always had an Emergency Action plan in place. In case of severe weather, disturbances that would include fighting, drinking or smoking, health related emergencies, or utility outages all are examples of what these...

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The Review Is In!

In a time where the internet and social media play a prominent role in our everyday lives, how much power do reviews by people on popular tools like Yelp, Google + or cinema review companies like Rotten Tomatoes influence your decision making. Reviews by critics have always been an interesting subject. What one may feel is wonderful, beneficial...

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5. Holiday Decorating! Spending time decorating your home with your family with all your favorite decorations is a great way to get into the holiday spirit! 4. Family Meal…food, food, food! Food brings everyone together with full bellies and full hearts! 3. Cookie Decorating! Cookie decorating and gingerbread houses and desserts in general are...

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