You Were Made Unique

Don’t let social media get you down! Social media platforms are having a negative affect on young adults around the world, causing depression, anxiety, and fear of missing out. Social media only shows us a glimpse of a person’s life. They control what their audience sees which means they can show only good or exciting things most of the time, causing their audience to believe that their own life is boring, has no meaning, or that they are missing out on exciting things going on. Having control of what pictures are being put on social media allows people to always have perfect pictures put in front of their audience causing their audience to feel pressured to look their best in pictures and in public. Pressure to look your best all the time can cause stress, anxiety, and depression if you are constantly comparing yourself to pictures that are most likely photo shopped and displayed on social media. Stop comparing yourself to others! You were made unique! Remember that there are many things that make a person beautiful and unique, like honesty, trust, loyalty, respect, humor, creativity, and kindness.

In the animated musical, Ugly Dolls, weirdness is celebrated, strangeness is special and inner beauty is embraced. Moxy and her Ugly Doll friends discover a world of perfection instantly realizing that they do not fit in with the conventional dolls. Later they find out that they don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.

Watch the trailer to see humorous scenes from the new 2019 movie, Ugly Dolls released in theaters today!

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