‘Tis Holiday Season

Holidays are fast approaching! Soon after the scramble and family visits of Thanksgiving, everyone will be putting up their holiday décor. What are your favorite decorations to pull out of those dusty boxes? Is it a handmade ornament from grandma, or do you revel in the mantle place figurines? We can be sure that the one holiday decoration that most people will have, is a tree. In modern day, there are many types of trees to put up. Do you always go for a real tree or is it a beautiful fake white tree from your local store? Tell us about your tree! Here are a few types of real traditional trees used for the holidays:

  • Noble Fir – mainly grown in Oregon, most popular tree, beautiful symmetry and tall upright nature.
  • Fraser Fir – mainly grown in North Carolina, small compact form, with well retained needles.
  • Douglas Fir – mainly grow in the Pacific Northwest, dense foliage and compact conical shape.
  • Balsam Fir – tall slender tree, great choice for a limited space.
  • Colorado Blue Spruce – national tree of Utah and Colorado, features regular pyramidal shape and well defined crown.

If it is not a tree that is a part of your holiday traditions. Tell us about your favorite decorations. A favorite menorah that has been handed down through the years, for our Jewish families or a Kinara for those who celebrate Kwanzaa. Traditions make our time with family special. What are some of your favorites?

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