The Day of Coffee

This Saturday is September 29th, which happens to be National Coffee Day. Coffee warms the soul and gets people ready for their day. Sometimes it is not even just the coffee, but also the coffee shop that is a must have in one’s morning routine.

Some films that we know and love including some great scenes involving coffee. Chris Hemsworth in Thor hurling his empty coffee cup to the ground and stating, “This drink… I like it.” A more famous and glamorous moment for coffee in film is the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn eating a pastry and drinking coffee while window shopping. Also, we can’t forget the crime mystery, thriller of Unusual Suspects. When the interrogator realizes who the mysterious mob boss is after the interrogation and the coffee cup falls from his hand and shatters. Captivating the grumpy feeling people get before their morning coffee is Meryl Steep in Devil Wears Prada when she asks “Is there some reason my coffee isn’t here yet? Did she die or something?” Another crazy boss and coffee story is in The Proposal. Ryan Reynolds would order the same coffee as Sandra Bullock, so that if anything happened to hers, she would still have one. Thinking smarter not harder. On the sweeter side of things in The Bucket List starring Morgan Freeman(Carter) and Jack Nicholson(Edward), Edward is a coffee addict and his favorite kind is Kopi Luwak. When Carter’s condition takes a turn for the worse, Edward explains how the unique flavor and aroma of his favorite coffee comes from the premium coffee beans first being eaten by Sumartan wild tree cats. The two burst into laughter. No matter the moment or occasion, coffee can make it better.

We suggest you grab a cup of coffee on this National Coffee Day and then settling in to watch a movie. Weather you drink it iced, blended, or hot it will go great with a pastry and a film, it could be one stated above or any of you other favorites. Enjoy your coffee and share your favorite flick involving coffee. I’ve heard the UP original movie Coffee Shop is not bad, may want to check it out. Just saying.


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