Managing Change!

We live in a world that is constantly evolving and at times change can be hard to accept. In order to get through life’s new developments, we need to embrace them and how they make us feel. Recognizing feelings during moments of change will prepare one for future developments. Some common feelings that one might encounter during a time of change is fear, anxiety, anger, and frustration. These feelings can be caused because one is holding onto the past, afraid of the unknown, or has loss of control or power. Sometimes life’s transitions are inevitable and are necessary.

In the movie Secret Life of Pets 2, Max the terrier is dealing with many changes. His owner gets married and has a baby. He goes on a road trip with his family and encounters farm animals that terrorize him and he meets a farm dog named Rooster, who helps him cure his neuroses.

Watch the trailer and see the animated, hilarious scenes from the 2019 Secret Life of Pets 2!




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