Friday the 13th

This Friday is a day that some deem spookier than Halloween. It is Friday the 13th. Friday the 13th is considered to be an unlucky day dating back to biblical tradition. 13 guests attended the last supper and the next day was Jesus’ crucifixion, having 13 guests around the table is believed to be a bad omen.

Some peoples’ fear may be credited to the film Friday the 13th. The original film was released in 1980 inspired by the novel published in 1907 by Thomas William Lawson. The film is an American horror that tells a story of a group of teenagers who are murdered by one by one by an unseen killer while attempting to re-open an abandoned campground. The popularity of the film lead to a franchise that includes sequels, a television show, novels, comic books, and even video games. Some unfortunate events that have happened on Friday the 13th include: Tupac’s, the rapper, death; the sinking of the Costa Concordia; and a Buckingham Palace bombing. This fear can be described as triskaidekaphobia or paraskevidekatriaphobia, meaning a fear of avoidance of the number 13. It has been found that many businesses lose money on this day because many people refuse to fly or go out in fear of the dangers the day may bring.

While some may choose to be leery there are those who find the number 13 rather lucky! Italy, for example, believes the number 13 to be lucky but look out for Friday the 17th!! Superstition is an interesting phenomenon. We choose, what we put stock in and what we don’t. Even if you don’t believe in the bad luck of Friday the 13th you may want to pick up that heads up penny and knock on wood for good luck. Also, avoid walking under that ladder, crossing paths with a black cat, and refrain from opening your umbrella inside just to ensure nothing bad happens to you this Friday 13th.


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