Food of Fall!

What are your favorite dishes to make in the Fall season? A few dishes that come to mind are – tuna casserole, chili, hot cocoa, puppy chow, pumpkin pie, and roasted almonds. Along with these dishes, comes the joyful season of family and friend gatherings.

Are you planning a party for friends or relatives this season? You might plan these events around an activity. A few ideas for party themes are:

Pumpkin Carving/Decorating Party – Have friends come over to carve and decorate pumpkins. You could provide paint brushes and some fun gold tone paints for them to decorate. Serve guests some pumpkin spice flavored hot cocoa!

Caramel Apple Party – Provide apples and hot caramel along with some nuts, chocolate chips, sugar, crushed graham cracker, and peanut butter. Give each participant a whole apple or slices of apple on a stick and let the stickiness ensue!

Bounti-Fall Harvest Party – A great excuse to give back to the community, create a “Super Market Sweep” style grocery list and time your contestants as they gather grocery store items. Then follow up this game by giving the bags of groceries to people in the community in need.


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