Closing Summer Time

With school starting, your kids may have some extra excitement and energy from the new classmates and new teachers. Rounding up the kids and their friends to give other parents a break from the hustle and bustle of this new school year might just make you the favorite parent for the rest of the school year. Grab the kids and neighbor kids and sit back and relax with our concessions and adult beverages to watch a double feature at the Drive In before things become too busy this year. This might be your last opportunity to snuggle up before the hectic sports league schedule and after work, school meetings begin.

Looking for more activities to do before the movie starts? A local favorite, Little Man Ice Cream, may be a treat to swing by before you head to the Drive In. Take your partner for a stroll around Sloan’s Lake. Grab some dinner at Root Down for a healthy farm to table experience, or really dig in with a dinner at Thirsty Lion Gastropub and have a burger with some french fries. Stop by Larimer Square downtown for a small shop boutique experience. Then when that sun is finally setting, head over to the Drive In to wind down with the family for a movie.


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