Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend The beginning of summer? Well for most we all agree that Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the summer. While the calendar tells us that June 21st is the summer solstice, Memorial Day Weekend seems the popular vote. Pools open, schools may be officially out for summer and BBQ season begins, baseball and […]

Star Wars:

1977 George Lucas had a dream. What is now the dynasty of movie sagas, the beginning of a pop culture movement few could and will most likely never replicate. Star Wars (1977), The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of the Jedi (1983) are three films that constitute the original Star Wars Trilogy. Star Wars […]

Summer Time

Get ready get set…. Summer is just around the corner. What will the movies of 2018 offer us, thrills, romance, comedy, terror? These are just a few classics that scream summer for me. Jaws (1975) Will you ever swim in the ocean without just a little fear of what’s just below you? I know that […]

Summer Wish List

May Memorial Day Weekend marks the beginning of summer for most. With New Releases, Remakes and continuing Saga’s, the summertime cinema of 2018 will be packed with something for everyone. We focus on family friendly, but I would not be true to myself without mentioning Dead Pool 2, a mid-May release that has big shoes […]

Earth Day

This year’s focus for Earth Day officially Sunday April 22, is to End Plastic Pollution by 2020. Plastic objects that we use once and discard or single use plastics are the growing critical problem. By supporting education at all levels be it school age children, to the corporate work place, change can happen and make a […]

Graduation Fever

What era did you grow up in? What movies will always bring back fond memories of Graduation, High School or College, it doesn’t matter. For some, those times in our lives bring back the best of memories. Classic movies like these, are like old friends. No matter how many times you see them, it is […]

Animation in the Movies

1877-?? Started with a cartoon and grew in to short films in 2 short years. France will claim the technology as Charles-Emile Reynaud was a French science teacher and created a Praxinoscope, and projected the first animation in public at the Musee Grevin in Paris. (No examples survived) Fast forward to 1906 Humorous Phases of […]

MARCH: Spring Break is here!

We look forward to our springtime in the Rockies when the outdoors comes to life with buds, birds, and the outdoor spring sporting season arrives. Spring Break to do’s Denver 2018: Central Denver Denver Zoo Denver Museum of Nature & Science Children’s Museum of Denver North APEX Movement Mid-Air Adventures Hammonds Candy Factory Tour South […]

Emergency Procedure in Place

As in all festivals and events where large groups of attendees are gathered, event managers, promoters, theaters and sporting arenas have always had an Emergency Action plan in place. In case of severe weather, disturbances that would include fighting, drinking or smoking, health related emergencies, or utility outages all are examples of what these Emergency […]

Movie Classics Inspired by the Olympics

In the Comedy Category: Blades of Glory (2007) American comedy starring actors Will Ferrell and Jon Heder, portray two men’s singles skaters who tie for the Gold and set the stage on fire literally. Medals stripped and life ensues in one colossal mishap after another. The two reunite to compete as the first same sex […]